Own the energy of tomorrow.
Together, we can
fight climate change
and benefit from the clean energy transition by directly owning energy assets.
Your investment
Copenhagen Solar panels II
You own 10.2% of the project.
Produced energy
265.99 kWH
Generated profit (7% APR)
54.83 DKK
Emissions saved
670.00 gCO2
Through your partial ownership of energy assets, you would
profit from financial benefits
while also
reducing carbon footprints.
Calculate how much CO2 you could save
How does it work ?
Today, investing in renewable energy projects is expensive. We automate the administrative burden of a transaction, and make investing more accessible.
⏳Cooperation required between banks, insurances companies, legal
⌛️Complex and costly fees
⌛️No secondary market to sell asset
With Enershare:
Cooperation required between banks, insurances companies, legal
Complex and costly fees
No secondary market to sell asset
✅ Automated transactions
✅ Low entry requirements
✅ Tradeable assets
Yes, we use blockchain.
Along with faster and secure transaction, it allows:
Extra-low minimum investment requirements
Transparency - your money will go where you want it to go
Tradeability - Buy and sell whenever you want.
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About us
Ciril Wakounig
CEO - Founder
Stéphane Guichard
CTO - Founder
Gauthier Belpaire
COO - Founder
Ben Crowley
Advisor - Founding member
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